2019 Lincoln MKZ vs 5 Key Competitors

2019 Lincoln MKZ-Competitive Comparisons

Lincoln MKZ competes in the growing Luxury Midsize Sedan segment.  Lincoln MKZ offers a three-engine lineup; advanced handling features; state-of-the-art technology; and an interior that provides a refined, business-class experience.

Lincoln MKZ is positioned to attract a significant number of conquest prospects while attracting progressive luxury clients to your showroom.

Lincoln MKZ continues to offer an outstanding package: performance, interior roominess and value, with numerous standard features that are only available as pricey upgrades on its key competitors. Some Lincoln MKZ features, such as push-button shift and inflatable rear outboard safety belts, aren't available on most competitors at any price. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these key advantages so you're prepared for clients visiting your showroom

Lincoln MKZ has five key competitors:

  1. Acura TLX
  2. Cadillac ATS
  3. Infiniti Q50
  4. Lexus ES 350
  5. Jaguar XE

Comparing 2019 Lincoln MKZ to 2019 Cadillac ATS

Available in sedan and coupe configurations and with a high-performance V-Series offering, the ATS, Cadillac's entry-level vehicle, is all about performance. For 2019, Cadillac ATS model lineup includes base ATS, Luxury, Premium Luxury and Premium Performance. Cadillac CUE is standard and new 17-inch wheels are offered

Competitive Perception

Like nearly every current Cadillac model, the ATS is touted as a performance offering; its new 3.6L delivers 335 horsepower and 285 lb.-ft. of torque.

ATS elevates driving dynamics with:

  • RWD provides a near 50/50 weight distribution
  • Five-link independent rear suspension
  • Available driver-adjustable performance suspension with Magnetic Ride Control real-time damping
  • Electric power steering

The ATS has an intuitive and connected cabin with refined amenities:

  • Standard OnStar® with 4G LTE and standard built-in Wi-Fi® hotspot
  • Enhanced Cadillac User Experience (CUE)

Lincoln Reality

Lincoln MKZ offers a Twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 delivering 350/400 horsepower(1) (FWD/AWD) and 400 lb.-ft. of torque.(1) For those who truly want to push their vehicles, the independent rear suspension, electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) and available Dynamic Torque Vectoring on Lincoln MKZ create an unmatched driving experience. Lincoln MKZ owners can also customize their ride quality with Lincoln Drive Control: a firm ride for twisting roads and a more comfortable ride for when the pace is more leisurely

Lincoln MKZ also offers a wealth of products to keep passengers connected:

  • Lincoln ConnectTM - 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot(3)
  • Lincoln WayTM App, which includes smartphone-integrated technology for remote start, remote lock/unlock, GPS vehicle locate and scheduled remote start
  • SYNC® 3 enhanced voice-recognition, communication and entertainment system with Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM compatibility

Selling Luxury

"Excluding the ATS V-Series variant, which starts at nearly $63,000,(2) Lincoln MKZ can go toe-to-toe with ATS when it comes to performance, and come out the winner.""One needn't go to a racetrack to create a driver's car. Lincoln MKZ has all the attributes to create a dynamic driving experience, plus the option to create a more comfortable ride when conditions - and preferences - warrant.""Lincoln recognizes that today's drivers and passengers want to be connected at all times. It offers Lincoln Connect, which includes a 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot as standard equipment. "Lincoln MKZ clients can download the Lincoln Way App.(4) It offers a wealth of convenient smartphone-integrated technology, including remote lock/unlock, remote starts and more."


Comparing 2019 Lincoln MKZ to 2019 Lexus ES 350

As was the case last year, little has changed on Lexus ES 350 for 2019. A Premier Package that includes heated and ventilated front seats, heated external mirrors with memory, wood trim and leather seating surfaces is newly available, and the Lexus Enform Safety Connect is now complimentary for the first 10 years of ownership. See the advantages Lincoln MKZ offers luxury clients.

Competitive Perception

The Lexus ES 350 is positioned as defining the entry luxury segment. The ES 350 offers numerous safety features. Like nearly all Lexus vehicles, the ES 350 is focused on delivering a refined driving experience.

Lincoln Reality

Lincoln MKZ offers a much broader menu of standard and optional equipment, and many features that are not available at any price on the ES 350, including Lincoln ConnectTM 4G Wi-Fi,(1) all-wheel drive, pushbutton shift, inflatable rear outboard safety belts and heated rear outboard seats.

"Any way you measure it, Lincoln MKZ provides value, with more standard equipment, a broader array of available options and a lower starting price. It also offers more engine choices and the sure-footedness of available all-wheel drive."

The standard and optional safety equipment and technologies on Lincoln MKZ are equally impressive and include some, such as available inflatable rear outboard safety belts, that are not available at any cost on ES 350.

Lincoln builds cars that reward the driver while providing sophistication and comfort through:

  • Lincoln Drive Control
  • Adaptive suspension with driver-selectable modes: Comfort, Normal or Sport
  • Electric power-assisted steering (EPAS)
  • Active noise control
  • Available all-wheel drive
  • Dynamic Torque Vectoring (included with the Driver's Package)
  • Three engine choices, including a Twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6, Turbocharged 2.0L and Hybrid Atkinson-cycle 2.0L

Selling Luxury

"Any way you measure it, Lincoln MKZ provides value, with more standard  equipment, a broader array of available options and a lower starting price. It also offers more engine choices and the sure-footedness of available all-wheel drive.""Lincoln MKZ takes a holistic approach to passenger safety, providing a wealth of standard and optional equipment and technologies.""Lincoln MKZ gives the driver choices, with multiple driving modes that can be selected based on preference or road conditions. It also off ers a choice of three powertrains, including a highly sophisticated 400-horsepower(2) Twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 with AWD. The additional performance of available allwheel drive isn't available at any cost on the ES 350."


Comparing 2019 Lincoln MKZ to 2019 Acura TLX

Acura TLX undergoes significant enhancements for the 2019 model year. It adopts the bolder styling inspired by the Acura Precision Concept. Inside, TLX features a dual-screen user interface and a new 7-inch capacitive touchscreen (previously resistive type). Other significant changes include the addition of a sportier model, the A-Spec variant, and AcuraWatch technologies are now standard across the TLX lineup.

Competitive Perception

Acura is in the process of repositioning itself by focusing on delivering a sportier driving experience. Acura TLX is among the first proof points of that new direction.

  • 2.4L VTEC I-4:
  • 206 horsepower
  • 182 lb.-ft. of torque
  • 3.5L V6:
  • 290 horsepower
  • 267 lb.-ft. of torque

Acura TLX offers a higher value for first-time luxury buyers. TLX promises to deliver on its "Synergy Between Man and Machine" product direction, characterized in their words as, "at the will of the driver with intuitive, exhilarating and confidence-inspiring driving dynamics."


  • 2.4L I-4 engine:
  • 206 horsepower
  • 23/33 (city/hwy mpg)(1)
  • Premium 91-octane fuel
  • 17-inch wheels
  • Precision All-wheel Steer (P-AWS)
  • Integrated Dynamics System:
  • Driver-selectable ECON, Sport, Sport + or Normal modes

Lincoln Reality

Either Lincoln MKZ engine choice significantly outperforms its Acura counterpart:

  • Turbocharged 2.0L I-4:
  • 245 horsepower(1)
  • 275 lb.-ft. of torque(1)
  • Twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6:
  • 350/400 horsepower(1) (FWD/AWD)
  • 400 lb.-ft. of torque(1)

All-wheel drive is available on all Lincoln MKZ trim levels and powertrains. On TLX, all-wheel drive is available only with the V6 engine. Lincoln MKZ also offers a hybrid 2.0L Atkinson-cycle I-4 engine for those who are more focused on fuel economy. Take a closer look and you'll find that Lincoln MKZ delivers some important advantages that are not available at any cost on TLX, including:

  • Lincoln ConnectTM - 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot(2)
  • Standard 18-inch aluminum wheels on base models
  • Available 19-inch aluminum wheels
  • Available heated rear outboard seats
  • Available inflatable rear outboard safety belts
  • Available panoramic retractable Vista Roof®

Lincoln MKZ more than measures up when it comes to spirited driving experiences. It also off ers features not available on Acura TLX:


  • Turbocharged 2.0L I-4:
  • 245 horsepower(2)
  • 275 lb.-ft. of torque(2)
  • 21/31 (city/hwy mpg)(1)
  • 18-inch aluminum wheels
  • Lincoln Drive Control:
  • Active noise control
  • Adaptive suspension
  • Electric power-assisted steering (EPAS)
  • Driver-selectable Sport, Comfort, Normal modes

Selling Luxury

"Lincoln MKZ offers more configurations than TLX, such as available all-wheel drive with either the Turbocharged 2.0L or Twin-turbocharged 3.0L engine. Further, you can opt for the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. A hybrid gasoline/ electric engine is not available on TLX. All the way around, Lincoln MKZ gives you more choices."


Comparing 2019 Lincoln MKZ to 2019 Infiniti Q50

The Infiniti Q50 received significant updates for 2019, including refreshed interior and exterior appearances. A total of 12 Q50 models are available when one considers four powertrain choices - including hybrid - and the option of rear- and all-wheel drive. Infiniti Q50 is available in PURE, LUXE, SPORT and RED SPORT 400.

Competitive Perception

Infiniti powertrains are proven performers and the 2019 Q50, with a choice of four engines, further reinforces that position.

  • 2.0L turbo I-4:
  • 208 horsepower
  • 258 lb.-ft. of torque
  • 3.0L twin-turbo V6:
  • 300 horsepower
  • 295 lb.-ft. of torque
  • 3.0L twin-turbo V6 (RED SPORT 400):
  • 400 horsepower
  • 350 lb.-ft. of torque
  • 3.5L V6 Hybrid:
  • 360 net horsepower
  • 258 lb.-ft. of torque
  • 27/32 (city/hwy mpg)(1) (FWD)
  • 26/30 (city/hwy mpg)(1) (AWD)

Q50 delivers dynamic driving performance from innovative technologies that include Direct Adaptive Steering (DAS) and Dynamic Digital Suspension (DDS). At $35,195,(1) Infiniti Q50 2.0t PURE is priced $1,175 lower than Lincoln MKZ Premiere.

Lincoln Reality

Lincoln clients interested in performance have the option of three distinct powertrain choices:

  • Turbocharged 2.0L I-4:
  • 245 horsepower(2)
  • 275 lb.-ft. of torque(2)
  • Twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6:
  • 350 horsepower(2) (FWD)
  • 400 horsepower(2) (AWD)
  • 400 lb.-ft. of torque(2) (FWD/AWD)
  • 2.0L Atkinson-cycle I-4 hybrid:
  • 188 net horsepower
  • 129 lb.-ft. of torque
  • 41/38/40 (city/hwy/combined mpg)(1)

Lincoln MKZ features an adaptive suspension and electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) that, like the Infiniti's DAS, enables drivers to customize the amount of steering input and feel based on preference. Unlike DAS, EPAS has not been derided by the media for its lack of feel. There's a difference between low price and value, which is getting the most for your money. In this area, Q50 falls well short. Consider that Q50 2.0t PURE is equipped with 17-inch wheels. On Lincoln MKZ, 18-inch aluminum wheels are standard and 19-inch aluminum wheels are available.

Also standard on Lincoln MKZ are heated front seats; they're not available at any cost on the entry-level Q50. The following are also not available on any 2019 Q50 model. They're either standard or available on Lincoln MKZ:

  • Lincoln ConnectTM - 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot(2)
  • Ventilated front seats
  • Heated rear outboard seats
  • Multicontour front seats with Active Motion®
  • Knee airbags for the driver and front passenger
  • Rear-passenger side airbags
  • Programmable remote start
  • Panoramic retractable Vista Roof®
  • Inflatable rear outboard safety belts

Selling Luxury

"Lincoln MKZ outperforms most of its Q50 counterparts. The only Q50 engine that comes close to matching the horsepower and torque numbers of the  Twinturbocharged 3.0L V6 engine in Lincoln MKZ is the Q50 RED SPORT 400 model, and it's priced some $7,000 more than a Lincoln MKZ Reserve AWD model."Additionally, the available hybrid engine in Lincoln MKZ has significantly better fuel economy ratings than the 3.5L V6 hybrid in Q50.""When it comes to driving dynamics, Lincoln MKZ equals or exceeds competitors, including the Q50.""Lincoln MKZ Premiere delivers more standard content than the entry-level Infiniti Q50 model, including such features as heated front seats and 18-inch aluminum wheels. They're not available at any cost on Q50 2.0t PURE."Lincoln MKZ Premiere further allows you to customize your vehicle to your preference. The same cannot be said for Q50 2.0t PURE. It's an 'as is' offering; the only available options are a black sport grille, all-season floor mats and 4G Wi-Fi. 2019 Lincoln MKZ has standard 4G Wi-Fi."


Comparing 2019 Lincoln MKZ to 2019 Jaguar XE

For 2019, Jaguar XE adds a fourth engine choice: a 2.0L turbo I-4 delivering 296 horsepower. It joins the 2.0L turbo I-4 (247 horsepower), a 2.0L turbo diesel I-4  (180 horsepower) and a 3.0L supercharged V6 (380 horsepower). Jaguar XE is  available in six trim levels: XE, XE Premium, XE Prestige, XE R-Sport, XE S and XE Portfolio. Prices start at $36,720(1) and range up to $59,995.(1)

Competitive Perception

Jaguar claims XE is "built to exceed all expectations of a compact sport sedan by combining technology, handling and performance to exhilarating effect."

  • 2.0L turbo diesel I-4:
  • 180 horsepower
  • 318 lb.-ft. of torque
  • 2.0L turbo I-4:
  • 247 horsepower
  • 269 lb.-ft. of torque
  • 2.0L turbo I-4:
  • 296 horsepower
  • 295 lb.-ft. of torque
  • 3.0L supercharged V6:
  • 380 horsepower
  • 332 lb.-ft. of torque

For those who want performance and fuel economy, Jaguar XE offers a 2.0L turbocharged I-4 diesel. The XE is a sport sedan, well-equipped with a host of features designed to enhance the driving experience

Lincoln Reality

From a performance and driving dynamics point of view, there's nothing in XE that is not also found on Lincoln MKZ. Both feature EPAS and advanced suspensions. The base engines develop similar horsepower and torque (245/275(2) on Lincoln MKZ and 247/269 on XE). Lincoln MKZ comes out on top when comparing the Twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 to either the new Jaguar 2.0L turbo or the 3.0L supercharged V6.

Lincoln MKZ Twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6:

  • 350 horsepower(2) (FWD)
  • 400 horsepower(2) (AWD)
  • 400 lb.-ft. of torque(2) (FWD/AWD)
  • One reason to buy a diesel engine is fuel economy and Lincoln MKZ counters with the available 2.0L Atkinson-cycle I-4 hybrid engine. It delivers more horsepower than Jaguar's diesel (188 net vs. 180) and has exceptional fuel economy: 41/38/40 (city/hwy/combined) mpg(3) compared with 32/42/36 (city/hwy/combined) mpg(3) combined for Jaguar XE with the diesel engine.
  • Lincoln MKZ Hybrid also features a lower starting price than the XE diesel ($36,370 vs. $38,220(1)).
  • Lincoln MKZ enables its owners to fine-tune their vehicle to their preferred driving style using Lincoln Drive Control, which includes adaptive suspension and electric power-assisted steering (EPAS). It also offers all-wheel drive in all three engine configurations (AWD is not available on the Jaguar base 2.0L turbo engine).

Selling Luxury

"Lincoln MKZ delivers a luxury driving experience and performance that is equal to or better than Jaguar XE -and it's a much better value."Consider that to approximate the performance of the Twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 in Lincoln MKZ, you must opt for the XE S AWD trim level, which has a starting price of over $55,770.(1)"By comparison, Lincoln MKZ Reserve AWD models with the Twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 engine start at $49,525.(1) That's a savings of over $6,200. "Plus, the Lincoln engine produces 20 more horsepower and nearly 70 more lb.-ft. of torque.""Lincoln MKZ offers a range of powertrains to meet client requirements, including a very fuel-efficient 2.0L hybrid option that has 41/38/40 (city/hwy/combined) mpg.(3)And it's priced the same as its conventional gasoline-engine counterpart."

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